Anne-Mette Villumsen

Theme: Sensorial Knowledge

The Immersive Art Exhibition: Working with the Sensorial and Dramaturgical

Contemporary artistic practice is often based on theoretical rather than sensorial or experiential knowledge. What happens with audience engagement when an immersive rather than a discursive approach is employed, and when sensorial rather than theoretical parameters are used as guidelines for curating an exhibition? The Skovgaard Museum has been inspired by theatre to work with sensorial and experiential knowledge in creating immersive art exhibitions. The museum has collaborated with Teatro de los Sentidos and Carte Blanche, among others, to create immersive rather than discursive exhibitions. Museum director Anne-Mette Villumsen will present the results of this work.

Anne-Mette Villumsen (b. 1973), MA in Art History from the University of Copenhagen and l’Université de Paris X. She has been the director of the Skovgaard Museum in in Viborg, Denmark, since in Central Jutland since 2010. Villumsen has curated a number of ambitious exhibitions in collaboration with other Danish museums and created interdisciplinary exhibitions combining the visual arts with theatre, music and literature.