Emilie Sitzia

Theme: Rethinking the Canon

Narrative Theories and Learning in Museums: A Theoretical Exploration 

This talk will explore the implications of narrative theories (from the viewpoints of literature, media studies and neurology) for learning in a museum context. If narratives define human identities, then immersive experiences in museums change who we are as visitors. On the other hand, if the museum exhibition’s approach is discursive, the experience of the museum enters the visitor’s narrative in parallel to the visitor’s own, as a story that can be critically assessed, as an analyzable discourse. We would like to start answering such questions based on theoretical inquiries and create a dialogue between practitioners and academics. 

Dr Emilie Sitzia is Associate Professor in the Department of Literature and Art at Maastricht University. She teaches cultural education, curatorship and interdisciplinary research methods in the Master of Arts and Heritage program, as well as 19th and 20th century art and literature in the BA Arts and Culture program. She recently published a book, Art in Literature, Literature in Art in 19th Century France (2012), and publishes regularly on art, literature and museumstudies topics.