Francesco Manacorda

Theme: Exhibitions as Research

Collective Scholarship: Knowledge Production in the Museum

The presentation will focus on the possibility for exhibitions and displays to become occasions for live knowledge production rather than mere knowledge distribution. Can research as a project be shared with the public? Is there such thing as collective scholarship, something that might turn research into a movement? With the metaphor of the “museum as a learning machine” in mind, who is learning from who and is the machine/museum itself learning like a generative algorithm? Looking at two examples from Tate Liverpool programmes, these questions will be explored and expanded upon. 

Francesco Manacorda is Artistic Director at Tate Liverpool and curator for the 2016 Liverpool Biennial. A member of the International Jury of the Venice Biennale (2013), he was Director of Artissima (2011-13) and curator at Barbican Art Gallery London (2008-11). He curated the Slovenian Pavilion (52nd Venice Biennale) and the New Zealand Pavilion (53rd Venice Biennale). He was visiting lecturer at Royal College of Art, London (2006-10) and currently at the School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University.