Jeroen Boomgaard

Theme: Practice as Research

The Museum as Location of Research: The Creator Doctus Model

Art museum research has usually operated within the field of classical art-historical scholarship. However, contemporary art seems to potentially offer a less traditional research approach. This paper proposes a new format for artists to conduct research that could compensate for this research gap. The Creator Doctus research profile is a research education, but, unlike PhD Programs, it does not focus on the discursive part of the research, the thesis, but on the artistic work as the final research outcome. Such a program could turn museums of contemporary art into new centers of research, offering curators a new chance to get a research degree on the basis of their practice.

Dr. Jeroen Boomgaard is Assistant Professor of Art History and head of the Research Master program Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam. He is Professor of Art and Public Space at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and heads the research centre LAPS. In 2011 he published Wild Park. Commissioning the Unexpected, about the role of art, and “The Chimera of Method” in See it Again, Say it Again. The Artist as Researcher, about artistic research as a method.