Katarina Macleod

Theme: Collecting Modernisms – Rewriting Modernisms

Curating at the Centre of the Periphery; Lunds Konsthall in the 1960s

The starting point for this paper is to look at overlooked locations for experimental developments in art. The aim is to challenge long standing ideas of regional peripheries in relation to metropolitan art centres: specifically curatorial events at Lund Art Gallery (Lunds Konsthall) in Sweden during the 1960s. Some notable examples are the 1965 exhibition Le merveilleux moderne: det underbara idag with a series of Fluxus evenings. Or the French critic Pierre Restany’s exhibition Superlund: Un Panorama du present: Une philosophie du future, 1967, with artists represented from across Europe including from Eastern Europe.

Katarina Wadstein MacLeod is associate professor in Art History at Södertörn University, Stockholm. In her research she has focused on the impact of representation and has published on topics such femininity and girl figures in art; narratives of Eastern Europe as periphery, and the production of cultural heritage value through representation. Her forthcoming book Bakom gardinerna: Hemmet i den svenska konsten, Bokförlaget Atlas, Stockholm November 2017 deals with the domestic in Swedish art at the turn of the 19th century and the 1960s and 1970s.

From the conference Multiple Modernisms. A Symposium on Globalism in Postwar Art.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 2017