Mario Pagano

Theme: Best Practices

Welcome, We Are Closed. The Case of Centro Pecci, Prato

Centro Pecci, one of the first Italian institutions dedicated to contemporary art, has since 1988 produced exhibitions that have become renowned for their cutting edge approach. In 2013, renovation of the building interrupted the exhibition program, but the museum has launched an intense program of public projects, including Arte per tutti (2014), focused on dance history and music, and a series of professionalizing courses for gallerists, collectors and young artists. Centro Pecci does research beyond its collection by creating new opportunities and challenging programs exploring a series of research initiatives that transform the notion of the museum itself.

Mario Pagano is Research and Public Programs Coordinator at the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato, Italy. He holds an MA in Art History from the University of Florence and an MA in Photography History and Practice from DeMontfort University, Leicester. He worked as an archivist at the Dryphoto Gallery and as an assistant at the Joseph Kosuth Studio in New York. Pagano is working on the course Being a Gallerist and is researching the future social weight of the curator.