Michelle Dezember

Theme: Rethinking the Canon

Sustain: Time and Reflexivity in Contemporary Art and Museums 

The impulse for museums to have a reflexive relationship with audiences - manifested through digital engagement and crowd-sourcing strategies - is encouraging a tighter feedback loop between artist/artwork, museum, and audiences. However, how this impacts knowledge and the interpretation of art has gone largely untested.

The Aspen Art Museum has embarked on the long-term, multilayered program “Sustain: Time and Reflexivity in Contemporary Art and Museums” that aims to pursue conditions for thoughtful and responsible engagement with contemporary art in museums. The museum will invite artists, curators, educators, and other critical thinkers to form a group of correspondents that gather for a series of six retreats over a three-year period. The program aims at providing both a sustained program format with a prolonged discursive timeline, as well as generating proposals for sustainable temporal architectures of engagement with contemporary art. 

Michelle Dezember is the Learning Director at the AAM. Previously, she was Deputy Director of Programming and Special Projects at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar, where she also served as Acting Director and Head of Education. She holds a diploma in Visual Cultural Studies from the University of Barcelona and an MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester.