Molly Nesbit


The Warmth Left by Someone Else in the Seat of a Chair

What is the real object of our different research paths? We have been observing research in action. How to sum up the talks we have only just heard? How to present the space between language and matter itself ? How will these matters matter in the future? How can they mean? We have come to a crossroads. It is nothing less than the proverbial rendezvous of questions and question marks, once again. Many of these questions have come down to us from the past. Marcel Duchamp, for one, had been turning them over and over again as World War II broke out. More research in action.

Molly Nesbit is Professor in the Department of Art at Vassar College and a contributing editor of Artforum. Her books include Atget’s Seven Albums (Yale University Press, 1992) and Their Common Sense (Black Dog, 2000). The Pragmatism in the History of Art (Periscope, 2013), is the rst volume of Pre-Occupations, a series collecting her essays. Since 2002, together with Hans Ulrich Obrist and Rirkrit Tiravanija, she has curated Utopia Station, an ongoing collective book, exhibition, seminar, website and street project.