Sidsel Nelund

Theme: Best Practices

Formalising Everyday Education. On Home Works: A Forum on Cultural Practice in Beirut 2002-2015

Taking place in Beirut from 2002-15, Home Works comprises thinkers, artists, curators and writers who respond to various social and political themes through a variety of research formats within contemporary art. I trace its development, from regional small-scale event to globally connected, large-scale gathering, and demonstrate how Home Works has found a format that nurtures a unique relation between the investigation of themes, socio-political context and audience. I show how Home Works’ combination of everyday educational framework, exhibition and forum is grounded in a particular self-organised context and relates to the concept of the research exhibition.

Sidsel Nelund is Head of Institute for Research and Interdisciplinary Studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She holds a PhD from the University of Copenhagen with the dissertation Acts of Re-search: Knowledge Production in Contemporary Arts between Knowledge Economy and Critical Practice (2015). In her academic and performative writings as well as her curatorial projects, she is interested in collective knowledge production, the politics of labour and the role of the researcher in art.