Tone Hansen

Theme: Exhibitions as Research

Looters, Smugglers and Collectors: Provenance Research and the Market

The presentation seeks to broaden the definition of provenance research to include a consideration of the social life of an artwork, i.e., an extensive examination of the social and societal constructs art has moved through, and the obliterating consequences of contemporary looting for cultural existence. To make ones’ actions transparent, in a way that keeps the public engaged with and informed about ones’ activities, can seem like an obvious part of a museum’s function as a public entity, and as part of a democratic mandate. But how transparent can a museum become without challenging its credibility and its own stability?

Tone Hansen is Director of Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (HOK), Oslo, where she recently co-curated In Search of Matisse, an innovative exhibition based on provenance research which investigates the looting of cultural heritage and artworks. Former curator at HOK and scholar of the Art Academy of Oslo with the project Megamonstermuseum. Editor of the reader (Re)Staging the Art Museum (2011).