Yuval Etgar

Theme: Practice as Research

Against Inter-Disciplinarity: The Case of the New Art School

In a time where the discipline of art is suffering from major cutbacks, increasingly developing a dependency on other disciplines’ funds and authority, artistic research is now facing a defining moment under the new economical and political terms of the 21st century. In my presentation I argue that the common tendency towards inter-disciplinarity is a major cause for the meltdown of the Humanities and the Arts, a mode of operating that is encouraged by short-term funding under quantifiable measures and resources of other disciplines. I suggest intra-disciplinarity as an alternative educational model for art schools, museums, residency programmes and cultural policies.

Yuval Etgar is a DPhil researcher at Oxford University, the Ruskin School of Art, St. Edmund Hall, and an active curator. His research is focused on the history and theory of collagemaking in comparison with developments in linguistic and literary theories of the 20th century. He is currently writing about appropriation of found photographic materials in the late 1970s. Etgar has previously taught at Tel Aviv University and worked as a curator and researcher in Israel and the UK.